Security Assessment and Penetration Testing Services


Identify and Remediate Gaps in Security Before Others Can Exploit Them

InteliSecure provides security assessments and penetration testing services that help you understand which threats and vulnerabilities pose the most risks to your organization due to infrastructure gaps, people, environmental issues or third-party exposure. We offer assessment and testing services for organizations of all sizes and across all industries.

Penetration testing is part of a recognized approach to identify and quantify risk. Through testing we actively attempt to exploit vulnerabilities in your applications, infrastructure and business processes. We provide context around identified vulnerabilities, their impacts and the likelihood of a breach of an asset.

Our team is trained to think and act as if they were real-world malicious attackers. This approach helps your organization fully understand how it would hold up during an actual attack. The results of our engagements proactively identify and quantify vulnerabilities so you can measure and determine the acceptable level of risk your organization is willing to take on. Visit our Penetration Testing page for a complete list of our services.

Additionally, we offer Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certification services as well as Configuration and Code Reviews.