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Reduce the complexity of data protection in a dynamic Information Security landscape.

Data Protection Transcends Technology

InteliSecure starts all our client recommendations with this premise:

Don’t build a program to support a technology. Build a program to solve a business problem. Then select a technology that best compliments your program.

Many organizations bank on technology investments, and it’s true that sound, strategic use of technology is an important pillar of information security. However, technologies and vendors can change.

Instead, develop a strategic data protection program that defines the requirements for the people, processes, and technologies involved and that supports a clear risk-mitigation objective.

Evaluating Your Data Protection Options?

Work with InteliSecure to get vendor-neutral guidance and select the right technologies and tools for your program.

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Meet Our Strategic Partners

As a truly vendor-neutral managed data protection service provider, InteliSecure is invested in staying abreast of industry changes and working with world-class leaders in the Information Security space to ensure the success of our clients’ data protection programs.

Microsoft provides a robust data protection toolset across its Microsoft Office 365, Azure Information Protection (AIP), and Cloud App Security (CAS) security ecosystem. Maximize the investment you have in your Microsoft license.

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Forcepoint is a pioneering leader in the information security space who understands the need to move to more dynamic, integrated solutions.

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Netskope is pushing the boundaries of data and network security in its pursuit of cloud-delivered solutions. Its solutions provide the power to help organizations move to a Secure Access Services Edge (SASE) model.

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Drawing on the proven and powerful capabilities of its acquired Symantec technologies, Broadcom provides a rich and complex toolset. InteliSecure offers deep knowledge to help you navigate that toolset and ensure protection of your critical data assets.

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Rootshell is helping organizations move away from patchwork testing models to an integrated program of continuous testing that provides meaningful, actionable information.

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