Testing and virtual machines



Sometimes I need to test specific software version or make a custom machines for a specific propose like developing in a particular language. For now I used my personal machine for it, but today I have discovered something that I’m planning  adapt to my day by day.I was a bit lazy about creating virtual machines because I need to download a whole CD image, install it and later configure it. Today I discover TurnKey Linux website. They have a lot of virtual machines and ISO images of preconfigured Linux machines. They are based on Ubuntu 8.04 Server LTS so I have a platform I’m familiar with and very cool (and secure!) preconfigured options.

Well, maybe I’m being a bit enthusiastic but the LAMP machine looks really good in my initial tests. I’m planning to give in a try to other machines too like the Ruby On Rails machine or the Revision Control one.These machines give me the ability to create fresh machines from scratch with a lot of dirty work already done. And I love it 

If you are looking for more complex machines for testing you can found some preconfigured web security testing machines. They allow you to play with some vulnerable web pages and measure your skills without breaking the law.

And it is all for today, I have some things to test…