Using Google to bypass web proxies



Maybe this is something you already know, something is something someone posted long time ago, but I want to share today a quick trick we use when we are on a customer site doing a testing.

Sometimes, during testing, you need to search an exploit, a blog post or some resource to help you suscesfully exploit the vulnerability we just found ( or we think it can be a vulnerability) but the internet access is limited by the company network policy. Yes, we can boot our machines, use tethering  with the mobile, download to our machine the code, copy into a USB stick, copy into the testing machine and then execute it. But I’m a bit lazy… (that’s the reason I work with computers, let’s the machines do the hard work ? )

Recently, while playing with User Agent strings I discovered a Google service to render website for mobiles. It’s like the Google Cache service but with the advantage you can actually browser the website and, i. e., perform search. Maybe this doesn’t work all the time, but, for me, it worked for me last week so it deserves a try!