Virus at train station ticket machine



Every morning I walk to the Reading train station and get a return ticket to the Mortimer station. As I don’t like carrying cash everywhere I use to pay with credit card. But this is going to change… Today I went to one of the machines to get my ticket when I discovered that something was going wrong:


I looked it closer and what I saw scared me: an antivirus (I think it’s Norton) message displaying that something had happened in the machine:


Scan type: Auto-Protect Scan

Event: Security Risk Found!

Threat: W32.Dowadup.B


Location: Unknown Storage

Computer: RDG81


Action take: Clean failed : Quarantine failed : Delete succeeded : Acce (incomplete, probably Access denied)

Date found: 17 November 2010 17:21:28

But the most scary part of the window is the fact that the number of notifications is 10! This machine has had at least (because maybe the antivirus didn’t catch all the threads…) ten attacks/tries of infection! I don’t know how they configure their network but hope First Great Western doesn’t not have the ticket machines in the same network that the rest of their machines. Also, with this screen we can guess it’s running a Windows XP and probably using Internet Explorer 6…

Tomorrow I’ll carry some cash for my ticket, and you?

P.S. Yes, people looked at me weird when I was doing the pics