Why Managed Data Protection?


Align data security strategy with business objectives to ensure your most critical assets are protected.


Enable Data Security in a Rapidly Changing Business Environment

Businesses today no longer operate inside a secure perimeter. Operations have moved offsite and into the cloud, and companies must adapt their data security strategies—quickly.

Managed data protection services provide comprehensive solutions, on-demand technology expertise, experienced staff, and transparent reporting to enable organizations to meet internal, customer, and regulatory requirements.

Protect sensitive information affordably and reliably regardless of where it resides—or where users are working.

Dynamically and continually adapt to changes in the business and in security and regulatory environments.

Relay results and reports in a way that non-technical executives and stakeholders find easy to apply and understand.

Overcome Complex Data Security Challenges

Businesses today operate both on premises and in the cloud, and remote working is a permanent model. Data security programs need to be flexible and agile enough to accommodate rapid shifts in business requirements and data use.

InteliSecure managed data protection services can meet the specific requirements of your organization.

Meet Security Demands—Fast

To navigate the complex and constantly changing threat and compliance landscape and prove compliance on a tight timeline, you need a solution that can provide actionable insights quickly.

Prioritize Critical Data Assets

Analyze which data need to be protected and which threats pose a legitimate issue with solutions that truly stand toe-to-toe with modern cyber threats.

Justify Data Security Spending

Get cost-effective solutions that are easy to use yet demonstrate outstanding protection and compliance along with clear, easy-to-produce and easy-to-read reports for your internal stakeholders, executive team, and auditors.

Get Scalable, Reliable, Tailored Support

Partner with a team of experts who understand your unique needs and offer robust protection and reporting that’s scalable to meet a variety of situations.

Calculating the Cost of Data Loss Prevention? Compare Your Options

Comprehensive and effective data protection requires a multi-pronged, multi-technology approach that your internal team probably doesn’t have the time, resources, or expertise to manage.

Lucky for you, InteliSecure does.


InteliSecure Managed Data Protection Services

In-House Staffing

Applies proper staff, expertise, and skills to each task Assigns senior security staff to rote tasks or give advanced tasks to junior resources
Is responsible for hiring, training, and retaining talent Maintains a constant cycle of hiring, training, and replacing talent, fighting turnover and perpetual under-staffing
Understands the wider marketplace and can help facilitate technology transitions Employs staff with skill sets limited to the technology that is currently deployed
Provides security program leadership based on best practices gleaned from experiences across a broad spectrum of programs Can draw only from experiences limited to the existing security program
Can gauge program maturity and recommend best practices based on deep domain expertise Largely bases program maturity on anecdotal conversations and assumptions
Provides specialized experts focused on building effective policies Leans on non-experts for policy design
Provides 24x7x365 access to deep technical expertise and advantageous support models Receives support governed by the level of contract that is purchased with the vendor

Is your information security strategy working?

InteliSecure offers 1-to 3-day workshops, guided by our experienced Solutions Architects, to evaluate your existing program and provide a collaborative analysis.

Whether you’re building a data protection strategy from scratch or looking for ways to improve your current security posture, a Security Workshop is a great place to start.

Learn What to Expect from Your Security Workshop


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The Experience You Need to Build Data Protection that Works for Your Business

InteliSecure experts help you develop, implement, manage, and maintain your comprehensive data protection program.


Our highly experienced consultants don’t look just at the technological aspects of a program. We address your underlying business needs to help you empower users to do their jobs—while still protecting data.

Learn About InteliSecure Professional Services

Leverage our expertise to:

  • Understand who is using sensitive information, how it moves, and where it’s most at risk.
  • Design new security programs or streamline existing ones
  • Build, implement, and maintain your security infrastructure
  • Validate existing security and quantify risk